Randall has mentioned several times that I should start a food blog.  So here I am, starting a food blog.

We just purchased a house and I finally have a big kitchen.  I’ve always enjoyed baking and cooking but felt restricted by space in our little apartment kitchens.  Having all the space we now have makes cooking so much more fun.  Our stove cooks things evenly.  We have two ovens.  There is a ton of counter space.  I also received several new items for the kitchen for Christmas including a mandolin, yogurt maker, and huge new rice cooker.

Audra also received a kitchen for Christmas from Aunt Katrina and Uncle Kevin.  Aunt Allie gave her an apron, chef hat, and oven mitts.  We’ve had one baking adventure together so far.  I hope to have many more.

Sometimes I feel like I use the same recipes over and over and over again.  My goal is to try at least one new recipe a week and (if it goes well) share it with you on this blog.  I’ll also work in some of the recipes that we enjoy frequently for you to try.

Lets have some fun.